A single candle

It Would Have Been Enough


Remain In Love: To Live Without Leaving


TJPodcast: WYD Wrap Up

The Eleventh Station — Jesus (as a businessman? by businessmen?) is Nailed to the Cross

The Jumbotron and the Cross

Opening Mass WYD 2013

Both Rockin’ and Prayerful

Photo bombing the Superior General of the Jesuits

God Has Not Been Idle with the Young

Pilgrims walk to Aparecida — with each other, and with God.

MAGIS Experiences, Day 5

Esperam por nós "naçoes"— "Nations" await us

Awaiting the Nations

Pontau pilgrims traveling — standing room only by bus!

MAGIS Experiences, Day 4

José and Gesmari Broca

Not Invincible, but Valuable: Lessons from Outside Cascavel