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Josh Hinchie, SJ is a Jesuit scholastic teaching philosophy at Loyola University New Orleans. Born and raised in Mid-Missouri, he found his religious vocation after developing an unhealthy obsession with Saints Francis, Dominic, and Ignatius while a student at the University of Tulsa. His hobbies include sitting in rocking chairs, drinking sweet tea, and reading old books.

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Top 10 Jesuit Events of the 2010s

Top 10 Jesuit Events of the 2010s

What a decade for the Jesuits! The 2010s included Sister Jean’s Final Four run, Missy Franklin’s gold medals, new books by James Martin, S.J., the founding of Arrupe College in Chicago, the canonization of Peter Faber, the birth of The Jesuit Post, and (oh yeah!) the election of Pope Francis. Let’s count down the TOP TEN Jesuit events of the decade.