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What is death? Learning to Die with a Friend

Patrick Saint-Jean, SJ  |  9/28/2021

What is death? Sometimes we learn the answer to that question when one of our loved ones dies. Read about what one Jesuit learned from his friend, brother, and mentor, Fr. Michael Christiana, passed away earlier this year.

Controversy Surrounding Pope Francis’s Visit to Hungary Might Show His Diplomatic Priorities

Doug Jones, SJ  |  9/27/2021

Some of the controversy surrounding Pope Francis’s visit to Hungary may help us understand more about his diplomatic priorities.

Against Us or For Us? | One-Minute Homily

Doug Jones, SJ  |  9/26/2021

When Jesus’ disciples try to stop others from doing ministry in his name, Jesus tells them “whoever is not against us is for us.” Doug Jones, SJ, reflects on this message and the challenge to foster unity instead of division.

Dear President Biden, End Title 42

Michael Petro, SJ  |  9/25/2021

On the eve of World Day of Migrants and Refugees, Michael Petro, SJ, reminds the President that “in the stranger we actually meet our neighbor”

Facing a Firing Squad, Would You Call Out To Christ the King?

Emmanuel Arenas, SJ  |  9/24/2021

Blessed Miguel Pro, SJ’s life challenges us to respond to Christ’s call, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Consider the Sunflower: The Parable We Need in Dark Times

Brett Helbling, SJ  |  9/23/2021

This pandemic can feel like a darkness that won’t ever end. That’s why the sunflower is such a great teacher of what we must do in such times: turn to the light.

Encountering God’s Heart in Men Behind Bars

Nick Russell, SJ  |  9/20/2021

Spending the summer ministering to men behind bars reminded me of what a religious sister once told me: “God doesn’t judge people; God cares for people.”

Greatness: For the Glory of God | One-Minute Homily

Sullivan McCormick, SJ  |  9/19/2021

Can Christians strive for greatness? Br. Sullivan McCormick, SJ, reflects on Jesus’ words about humility and what true greatness looks like.

Afghanistan and the Gospel

Erin Kast, SJ  |  9/17/2021

Leaving Afghanistan was a tragedy, as was the entire war. In light of the end of this 20 year occupation which claimed the lives of over 150,000 people, we must confront uncomfortable questions raised by Jesus and the Gospel.

A Deacon’s Diary: Life as An Almost Deacon

Steve Molvarec, SJ  |  9/15/2021

In his inaugural Deacon’s Diary, Steve Molvarec, SJ, writes: someone asked me: “How long does it take?” I replied: “I’ve been a Jesuit for nine years. And have less than two weeks until diaconate.” He said: “That’s a really long time.”