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Would Jesus have used Do Not Disturb mode?

John Stein, SJ  |  1/18/2022

Smartphone notifications often make us feel like marionettes, like we’re attached to a thousand strings pulling us all at once. New technology promises to make our lives distraction-free. But what would Jesus let distract him?

The Wedding at Cana: Jesus Provides for Us | One-Minute Homily

Christopher Smith, SJ  |  1/16/2022

In his first public miracle, Jesus quietly provides for the needs of the hosts at the wedding at Cana. Christopher Smith, SJ, reflects on the ways that Jesus similarly provides for us, sometimes when we aren’t even aware of it.

A Deacon’s Diary: The Nostalgia of Midwinter Darkness

Steve Molvarec, SJ  |  1/13/2022

Speaking with an old friend, Deacon Steve explores one of the gifts of priesthood: accompanying people to the last.

Letting go of the illusion of control

James Millikan, SJ  |  1/12/2022

Only three days earlier I had professed my first vows in Los Angeles; now I was being asked to make yet another solemn profession: I would seek no ransom for my release in the event of my kidnapping.

How Mary and Jesus Helped Me Discover Family in Prison

Dan Finucane, SJ  |  1/11/2022

One Jesuit grapples with the question, “Who is Mary?” when he’s confronted about the Catholic devotion to our Blessed Mother. That leads him to realize that Mary, with her son Jesus, is the one helping him discover the family he has found in his prison ministry.

How is painting like a prayer?

An Nguyen Vu, SJ  |  1/10/2022

In his first article, An explores how painting a classmate’s photo gave him a glimpse of how God might create beauty.

Seeing the Baptism of the Lord in Every Baptism | One-Minute Homily

Danny Gustafson, SJ  |  1/9/2022

The Baptism of Jesus Christ was pretty spectacular. A dove descended from Heaven and the voice of God could be heard. Fr. Danny Gustafson, SJ, reflects on the ways that God is similarly present at every baptism.

Jesuit 101: The First Principle and Foundation: What Are Human Beings Made For?

Josh Hinchie, SJ  |  1/7/2022

It’s hard to know the purpose of something without knowing the intention of its creator. Our latest Jesuit 101 explainer is a guide to St. Ignatius’ First Principle and Foundation, his idea of God’s intention in creating us.

The Mágos, a poem

Shane Liesegang, SJ  |  1/6/2022

On the traditional feast of the Epiphany, Shane contemplates what that day might have looked like in his poem.

I didn’t want to ask, but quarantine revealed who my friends really are

Patrick Hyland, SJ  |  1/5/2022

In quarantine, if I wanted something, I could not simply open a door, drawer, or lid to get it. I had to ask, kind of like a child. If I wanted something different, I had to ask, like prayer.