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Learning Compassion from Children

Daniel Mascarenhas, SJ  |  6/6/2023

Why do we expect a young girl to cry over a pet goat she must give up for slaughter but not over the animals we eat on a daily basis? Compassion for all God’s creation should motivate us to consider more deeply the ways we relate to all animals, not only some of them.

The Trinity: God is Love, Loving | One-Minute Homily

Alex Hale, SJ  |  6/4/2023

The Trinity is hard to comprehend and yet there is something about it that we all long for. Alex Hale, SJ, reflects on how the community of the Trinity speaks to our own desire to be unique members of a loving community.

Sometimes, it’s best to leave it to the mule.

Chris Nguyen, SJ  |  6/1/2023

Last summer, Chris walked in the steps of St. Ignatius. While he anticipated the beautiful, holy sites, he wasn’t expecting to imitate him in one of his most notorious decisions.

Pentecost: Nobody is an Island | One-Minute Homily

Joseph Nolla, SJ  |  5/28/2023

Faith is not just an individual endeavor, it involves a community. Joe Nolla, SJ, reflects on Pentecost, when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit sent to enliven an entire community of believers.

Return to the Classics: Euripides’ Medea

Ty Wahlbrink, SJ  |  5/24/2023

This ancient Greek tragedy cautions us of the power of broken promises. Our faith is a series of promises. How do we keep the faith when our promises appear to go unfulfilled?

The Ascension: I Am With You, Always | One-Minute Homily

Christian Verghese, SJ  |  5/21/2023

Sometimes it’s difficult to see God present in our world, especially in the face of tragedy, but Jesus promises to be with us always. Christian Verghese, SJ, reflects on Jesus’ promise and God’s presence through community.

Catholic 101: Holy Days of Obligation

Jason Britsch, SJ  |  5/18/2023

Growing up, Jason resented having to go to Church on ANOTHER day of the week. Looking back, he thinks we’re approaching holy days of obligation with the wrong mindset.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit | One-Minute Homily

Brian Strassburger, SJ  |  5/14/2023

Jesus promised to send an Advocate, the Holy Spirit. Have you ever thought about all the different images we have of the Holy Spirit? Fr. Brian Strassburger, SJ, reflects on these images and what they tell us about the gift of the Holy Spirit.

What SportsCenter Taught Me About God

Patrick Hyland, SJ  |  5/10/2023

A favorite show reminds us to ultimately focus on the highlights, rather than the mistakes, in our lives.