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Remembering Two Jesuit Titans of History

Brent Gordon, SJ  |  9/23/2022

In the last year, two great Jesuit historians passed away: Fr. John Padberg and Fr. John O’Malley. A budding Jesuit historian reflects on their legacy.

A Deacon’s Diary: Goodbyes have found me.

Steve Molvarec, SJ  |  9/22/2022

In his sixteenth and final installment, Fr. Steve comes to the end of a pivotal year.

Queen Elizabeth: Her Faith and Her Legacy

Doug Jones, SJ  |  9/19/2022

On the funeral day of Queen Elizabeth II, we reflect on her life. While aspects of her legacy are up for debate and even criticism, one thing that was clear was the impact of her Christian faith.

Who Do We Serve? God or Mammon? | One-Minute Homily

Brendan Gottschall, SJ  |  9/18/2022

God or Mammon? The choice might seem simple, but our actions might show that we don’t always put God and others first. Brendan Gottschall, SJ, reflects on the pitfalls of chasing after money and how we might refocus ourselves on God.

The Ten Commandments are more than “Thou Shalt Not”

Patrick Hyland, SJ  |  9/15/2022

Mountain driving teaches us to focus on the center lines, not the guardrails, to navigate beautiful but treacherous highways. That’s a good lesson for the spiritual life.

What Will Motivate Us to Care for Creation?

Daniel Mascarenhas, SJ  |  9/14/2022

We need to understand why care for creation matters to us because truths about environmental degradation have no power over us if they do not relate to us.

Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul: A hilarious, challenging mirror for people of faith

Nate Cortas, SJ  |  9/13/2022

The new film Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul offers a satirical look at how a church might atone, or fail to atone, for its transgressions.

On HBO’s Euphoria, Young People React to the Malaise of Modernity

José Dueño Gorbea, SJ  |  9/12/2022

Watching Emmy-nominee Euphoria, José found himself ruminating on the work of an influential philosopher. Decades ago, he diagnosed the problems facing Zendaya’s character and others.

What Makes Ted Lasso Different from Every Other Character on TV

Noah Banasiewicz, SJ  |  9/12/2022

Unlike the dismal tone that dominates most gritty television these days, Noah found in Emmy-nominee Ted Lasso a virtue in short supply: hope.