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They Will Know We Are Christians | One-Minute Homily

Christopher Smith, SJ  |  5/15/2022

How do you identify a Christian? While there might be many answers to that question, Christopher Smith, SJ, reflects on the one answer that Jesus gives in today’s gospel.

Men and Women for and with Others must be formed

Chris Nguyen, SJ  |  5/13/2022

Jesuit values at public universities? The Newman Center at UCSD is taking to heart Fr. Arrupe’s call to form men and women for others, one service project, one retreat at a time.

The $300 Bowl of Salad

Daniel Mascarenhas, SJ  |  5/12/2022

This essay is not about inflation, or about eating at a Michelin star restaurant. This essay is not about exotic superfoods from the Himalayas or about Jesuit extravagance. This essay is about gardening. Put on your work boots, and prepare for some garden variety theology.

I care about the environment because I’m a Christian

Luke Lapean, SJ  |  5/11/2022

This past Holy Saturday Luke went from marching through downtown Manhattan for the climate crisis to participating in the Easter Vigil liturgy, all within the space of four hours. He shares his spiritual journey in his first article.

The Good Shepherd: Freedom and Following | One-Minute Homily

Danny Gustafson, SJ  |  5/8/2022

We typically desire to lead, not follow, but sometimes it can be freeing to let go of control. Danny Gustafson, SJ, reflects on the freedom that can be found in following the Good Shepherd.

Jesuit 101: Are We Ready to Be “People for and with Others”?

Philip Nahlik, SJ  |  5/6/2022

If you went to a Jesuit school, you likely heard about being a ‘person for others.’ Do you really know what that means?

Go, Let Them Know I Care for Them

Adam Bohan, SJ  |  5/5/2022

Caring for a newborn baby, Adam remembers when the Good Shepherd called him to tend to the flock.

Catholic 101: What is prayer? How do I pray?

David Romero, SJ  |  5/3/2022

Praying to God can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

An excerpt from The Crucible of Racism: Ignatian Spirituality and the Power of Hope

Patrick Saint-Jean, SJ  |  5/2/2022

In this excerpt from Patrick Saint-Jean’s latest book, he shares his journey to the Jesuits and working for justice. He believes that Ignatian Spirituality can help us find hope through healing, reconciliation, and transformation.

Jesus and Peter: Loved, Forgiven, and Called | One-Minute Homily

Tucker Redding, SJ  |  5/1/2022

Peter denied Jesus, but he is not held back by this mistake. After his encounter and reconciliation with Jesus on the seashore, Peter lives with bold faith. Tucker Redding, SJ, reflects on our own need to live like we’ve been forgiven.