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Unlikely Messengers: God Chose the Foolish | One-Minute Homily

Joseph Nolla, SJ  |  1/29/2023

Are there people that don’t want to hear us? Are there people that we don’t want to hear? Joe Nolla, SJ, reminds us that God chooses the unlikely messengers to preach the Good News. We are meant to both preach and listen.

Viktor Frankl, Oskar Schindler, and a Call to Remember

Ian Peoples, SJ  |  1/27/2023

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Ian Peoples reflects on two different experiences of the Holocaust to find meaning and hope in the midst of unspeakable darkness.

Faith like a Fisherman | One-Minute Homily

Brian Strassburger, SJ  |  1/22/2023

What was Jesus looking for in his disciples? What does he look for in us? Fr. Brian Strassburger, SJ, reflects on the faith of the fishermen that Jesus called to be disciples.

The Jesuit Border Podcast Season 3 Study Guide

Brian Strassburger, SJ, Louie Hotop, SJ  |  1/19/2023

In the third season of the Jesuit Border Podcast, Frs. Brian and Louie get to know those helping migrants in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. This guide can help you use the series for classroom teaching, group discussion, or deeper personal reflection.

Integral Ecology Lessons from Chiapas’s Tzeltal people

James Millikan, SJ  |  1/18/2023

Do you know what ‘integral ecology’ means? Pope Francis talks about its importance in his landmark encyclical “Laudato Si,” written in 2015. Learn how an indigenous community is living out a vision of integral ecology to uphold not only their culture but creation as well.

Jesuit 101 : Heroes and The Call of Christ the King

Sean Barry, SJ  |  1/17/2023

Have you ever wondered what your heroes have to do with Jesus Christ? In the Christ the King meditation, we reflect on those leaders who inspire us so that we can better understand Christ the King.

Building a Friendship with God | One-Minute Homily

Christian Verghese, SJ  |  1/15/2023

Do we ever turn to God as a servant to a master or a child to a parent? God is looking for something more. Christian Verghese, SJ, reflects on building a friendship with God.

Epiphany of the Lord: All for One, One for All | One-Minute Homily

Brian Strassburger, SJ  |  1/8/2023

The visit of the Magi reminds us that Jesus came into the world for all people. Fr. Brian Strassburger, SJ, reflects on how we can live this out by showing love to all.

Mommy, Cowboy : A Short Story

Philip Nahlik, SJ  |  1/3/2023

Enjoy this short story about a space cowboy who discovers a family and a home on a far distant planet.

Hope of the Shepherds and all the Unseen | One-Minute Homily

Alex Hale, SJ  |  1/1/2023

The shepherds of the Gospel worked tirelessly with little recognition. Have you ever felt the same? As we begin this New Year, Alex Hale, SJ, invites us to experience the joy of the shepherds, the joy of encountering Jesus.