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Listening to “Others,” or What I Learned From a Language Exchange

  May 5, 2021  Blogs, Race, Spirituality ~ Approx 5 mins

At the beginning of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Andrew Milewski, S.J. reflects on how a language exchange turned into a place of encounter and friendship. In this place of encounter, he wrestles with how to pray and have solidarity with the diverse Asian-American community and his friends who are a part of that group.

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“The Point” of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  Apr 29, 2021  Fantasy Fiction & Faith, Pop Culture, Series ~ Approx 4 mins

“The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson was published 135 years ago and its big reveal is well-known. Why read something when we already know the ending – the overall message? This entry in “Fantasy, Fiction, and Faith” addresses this as well as what Jekyll and Hyde can teach us about recognizing friendship, responsibility, and the nature of God’s love.

Going Back to Normal Can’t Be Going Back to How Things Were

  Apr 28, 2021  Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

With all that’s happened in the past year, going back to normal can’t be a return to the way things were. That’s because the way things were wasn’t good enough. Everything looks different. Everything is saturated with a familiar unknown, and nothing has its place just yet. I need to be alert, to note how this newness feels, to take advantage of the ensuing energy.

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