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Jason Welle, remembering his family, reflects on his hopes for the U.S. after this week’s decision.



Caught between Peter and a hard place

Obamacare on the steps of the Supreme Court | by Flickr User Will O'Neill | Flickr Creative Commons

Why the Supreme Court’s Health Care Decision Matters

Our own Nate Romano SJ offers some thoughts on why today’s Supreme Court decision on healthcare is a victory for the common good.

Li'l Sebastian

Li’l Sebastian and Devotion

What on earth do religious devotion and a mini-horse from Parks & Rec have in common? More than you would expect, says Chris Schroeder.

Let it be praised

What You Might Overlook in the Papal Encyclical

Don’t miss the subtle shifts in this new papal document.

Pope Francis at the Mic

An Overview of Laudato Si

Henry Longbottom, author of the blog Green Jesuit, provides a summary of the Pope’s just-released encyclical on care for the environment, “Laudato si.”

Francis Smiles by Catholic Church (England and Wales) at Flickr

Laudato Si — Pope Francis’s Ecology Encyclical Is Almost Here!

Henry Longbottom, SJ offers some thoughtful suggestions for how to get ready to read Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical.

Summer Sound by Brandon Warren via Flickr.

The Sounds of Summer

Looking for that perfect jam for a road trip or day at the beach? Check out Ken Homan’s list of summer tunes.

James Jones

It Pays to Be a Good Friend

We may not have otherworldly physical gifts, but each of us can still be a good friend. Michael Rossmann writes about an unlikely basketball record-setter who shows how being a good friend can pay off.

Saying Goodbye to the Train

One Friend to Another: A Month of Goodbyes

As much as new life is growing outside, Michael Rossmann reflects on how May is often a month of hard goodbyes and having one’s roots ripped out.