Love Music Hate Racism

Confronting Inner Prejudices

In his first TJP essay, Lucas Sharma describes his experience of confronting racism in a new city and prejudice in himself.


The Trans-Pacific What Now?

TJP’s Ken Homan, SJ reacts to TPP: a secretive free-trade bill that ignores the poor.

Cristo Rey Senior Carlos Belmont, Outside the Rockefeller Building //photo by the author

It Takes a Community: Cristo Rey & Carlos Belmont

Dan Dixon, SJ spends a day following a tech-savvy young Cristo Rey student, Carlos Belmont. In a midtown Manhattan skyscraper, the truth rises again: it takes a community to educate a child.

147 Crosses in Kenya

The After-Math: Which Lives Matter?

In light of even more troubling events in the news, Brendan Busse reflects not just on how many deaths matter but on how any lives matter.

Steak and Lobster

No SNAP for You!

Should the poor be banned from eating certain foods? Nate Romano explores what is really behind recent attempts to change what SNAP (more commonly known as food stamps) can be used for.

Jumping for Joy

Happy Happy (Easter) Joy Joy

We asked The Jesuit Post contributors to share what Easter joy looks like for them. It got ridiculous really quickly: the Wendy’s frosty, an overly-excited view of a double rainbow, Carly Rae Jepson, etc. Share with us what Easter joy looks like for you.

What Wondrous Love? Honoring Loss on Good Friday

What Wondrous Love Is This? Joe Simmons, SJ considers death and loss — the visible and the unseen ones — this Good Friday.

Basketball Fan

My Basketball Dream Team of Saints

During the glorious season of March Madness, Michael Rossmann wonders which saints would form the greatest basketball team on heaven or earth.

Matthew Cropped

The Calling of the Matthews

Peter Folan looks at The Calling of Saint Matthew – or perhaps the Matthews – and what it might mean for our own calling.

goodbye stop

Leaving Too Soon

It’s hard to say goodbye, even for well-traveled Jesuits like Garrett Gundlach, SJ.