Fr. Franz van der Lugt, SJ celebrates his 50th Jubilee as a Jesuit

A Man of Peace: Fr. Frans van der Lugt, SJ

Tony Homsy, a friend of the Dutch Jesuit killed in Syria this week, reflects on what he learned from the life of this man of peace.

Photo by US Army via Flickr.

Wrestling with Humility

What do wrestling and humility have in common? Quite a bit, writes our resident grappler and coach Ken Homan.

Confession with a priest

An Online Confession?

Wouldn’t going to confession online be so much easier? Eric Ramirez explores what Reconciliation is all about and why the Internet wouldn’t be the best medium for the sacrament.

Basketball Brocreative 173318291

It’s March Madness; and I’m a Loser

TJP Resident Bracketologist Brian Strassburger talks basketball, winning, and how sports shape our notion of success.

Did St. Francis share kinship with all of Creation or just the cute critters
MoHotta18 / Flickr Creative Commons

Kinship with Critters and Cretins

John Shea, parasitologist and Franciscan Jesuit, thinks about kinship with all of Creation–even tapeworms.

Fred Phelps, courtesy Wikimedia user Nicke L.

Loving Your Enemies: Finding Mercy for Fred Phelps

As the Most Hated Man in America lies dying, Jason Welle reflects on what it means to love those who hate you.

Urban Biking

The Urban Crossroads

Joe Wotawa examines the urban crossroads. Cities can be both a beautiful thing and something that really sucks.

Fr. James Martin, SJ near the Sea of Galilee

The Rest of the Story: On the Road with James Martin, SJ

What is it really like to travel with James Martin, SJ? George Williams, SJ has the inside scoop.

Bay of Parables Book

The Bay of Parables

An exclusive excerpt from Jesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin, SJ

Gluttony - Boy with Cookies

Confessions of a Skinny Glutton: 5 lessons I have learned

Though he has eaten whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, for most of his life, self-proclaimed “skinny glutton” Chris Schroeder explains some lessons he has learned about eating, drinking, and the enjoyment of life.