Bill Simmons

My Friend Bill Simmons

Losing a friend is never easy – even if you’ve never even met the guy. Paddy Gilger reflects on how ESPN’s decision not to renew the contract of Bill Simmon has affected him.

Photo from Santa Clara University Budget Office

When the Numbers Don’t Just Add Up: Budgeting Justice

Resident finance guru Quentin Dupont examines how the quest for the perfect budget can’t only be about the numbers.

American Road Trip: On the Way to Something New

With the school year winding down, Cyril Pinchak, SJ explores what the freedom of the road can teach us about our country and about ourselves.

Muhammad Ali Bragging

One Friend to Another: Jesuit Bragging

Michael Rossmann highlights some pieces from The Jesuit Post in the past month and writes about how “Jesuits love bragging about other Jesuits.”

The Goldilocks story 
Flickr / Linda

The Goldilocks Guide to Becoming a Free Thinker

Niall Leahy takes a look at polarizing language and finds that a childhood favorite can help settle the rhetoric down.

Who do you do this for?

Weighting To Exhale

How do we recognize ourselves made in the image of God when we hate what we see in the mirror? Damian Torres-Botello, SJ shares his own struggles with weight and self-image, as always, with honesty and insight.

Love Music Hate Racism

Confronting Inner Prejudices

In his first TJP essay, Lucas Sharma describes his experience of confronting racism in a new city and prejudice in himself.


The Trans-Pacific What Now?

TJP’s Ken Homan, SJ reacts to TPP: a secretive free-trade bill that ignores the poor.

Cristo Rey Senior Carlos Belmont, Outside the Rockefeller Building //photo by the author

It Takes a Community: Cristo Rey & Carlos Belmont

Dan Dixon, SJ spends a day following a tech-savvy young Cristo Rey student, Carlos Belmont. In a midtown Manhattan skyscraper, the truth rises again: it takes a community to educate a child.

147 Crosses in Kenya

The After-Math: Which Lives Matter?

In light of even more troubling events in the news, Brendan Busse reflects not just on how many deaths matter but on how any lives matter.