They Will Know We Are Christians | One-Minute Homily
The Good Shepherd: Freedom and Following | One-Minute Homily
Jesus and Peter: Loved, Forgiven, and Called | One-Minute Homily
Divine Mercy Sunday: The Greatness of God’s Mercy | One-Minute Homily
The Resurrection Changes Everything | One-Minute Homily
Holy Week: Triumph to Betrayal | One-Minute Homily
The Prodigal Son: Ready to Come Home? | One-Minute Homily
Living for Today: The Day of Salvation | One-Minute Homily
The Transfiguration: Listen First | One-Minute Homily
The Temptation of Jesus: Keeping Focus | One-Minute Homily
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Discovering the Power of Healing Touch in Prison

Discovering the Power of Healing Touch in Prison

The pandemic deprived everyone of a vital aspect of life: the gift of touch. The incarnation shows us that God wants to heal us by touching our wounds. This is especially true for life in a prison. But when we find ways to reach out to others, we discover that Christ has the power to work through our hands to bring healing to those in need.

Talk 3: Chosen to Bear Fruit | Lenten Retreat 2022

Our online retreat moves into the Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises, when we focus on following Christ who calls us to help build up the Kingdom of God. This call can be exciting and motivating at first, but we can become lukewarm over time. David reflects on advice from Pope Francis and the example of Mary to persevere in faith.