Discerning the Culture: Movies and TV Shows (Part I)

Published Oct 23, 2020 in Discerning the Culture, Film, Pop Culture, Social Media, TV ~ Approx 7 mins

In a time where screens, digital streaming services and social media consumption seem to be the “daily bread”, is there a way to ensure we are discovering God in all of it? This new series gives some practical tips to discern God’s voice in the culture. This edition is part one of how to discern God’s voice in movies and TV shows.

One-Minute Homily: “Jesus’ Last Seven Words”

Published Mar 30, 2018 in Spirituality ~ Approx 1 min

Ever heard the Good Friday meditation on the “Last Seven Words” in a minute? Michael Martínez, S.J. reminds us that Jesus’ last words from the cross are about quality, not quantity. Pray with the Good Friday readings here: https://bit.ly/2GjI2GM