2nd Sunday of Advent: Waiting for Joy | One-Minute Homily
1st Sunday of Advent: The Lord is Coming | One-Minute Homily
Christ the King: Who Do We Worship? | One-Minute Homily
Be Vigilant and Pay Attention | One-Minute Homily
The Poor Widow: Don’t Compare and Despair | One-Minute Homily
How do we love God and neighbor? Listen. | One-Minute Homily
Bartimaeus: Persistence in Prayer | One-Minute Homily
Responding to Christ Crucified in our Midst | One-Minute Homily
Sunday Quiz for the Kingdom of God | One-Minute Homily
Difficult Teachings and the Faith of a Child | One-Minute Homily
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The Jesuit Border Podcast

The Jesuit Border Podcast

Louie Hotop, SJ, and Brian Strassburger, SJ, are two newly ordained Jesuit priests working on the US-Mexico border in Brownsville, TX. They’ve started the Jesuit Border Podcast to share stories and interviews that highlight the tremendous Catholic response to the migrant situation. Check it out and subscribe!

Why Did They Shoot Ignacio Ellacuría, SJ?

Why Did They Shoot Ignacio Ellacuría, SJ?

Ellacuría openly and emphatically emphasized the subversive dimension of the Christian faith. He claimed that Latin America is searching for “revolutionary change rather than reformist change” and that Christianity exhibits a “subversive dynamism,” which, though running the risk of Marxist co-option, can propel revolution against “the demands of capital.”