Sometimes I Have To Let Go and It Is the Only Thing I Can Do

Published Oct 14, 2020 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 3 mins

When a day trip to New Hampshire’s White Mountains came up this past weekend, some friends and I considered ways to enjoy the great outdoors and the explosion of fall colors in the Northeast. Surely, this was a place to practice my newfound parkour passion. Read what happens when I have to let go and let God.

My World May Be Small, but the World Is Still Huge

Published Sep 2, 2020 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

Eric Immel, SJ, writes: “I spent more time in my room these past nearly six months that I had the previous, say, four years combined. The same is true for the number of times I’ve washed my hands. I’ve high-fived less people in the past nearly six months than was typical for me in a day pre-COVID, and I cannot count the number of times I’ve wanted to yell at people for getting too close to me, which I don’t think I’d ever thought to do before in my life.” Eric takes us on journey of a small world that opens up to something larger than previously thought.

What ‘Words with Friends’ Has Taught Me About Loss and Hope

Published Jul 22, 2020 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 3 mins

My Jesuit community engaged in COVID-19 protocols after Mass on March 16. No more all-community Masses. No more going to school for class. No more ministry. A world of masks and gloves and handwashing. That evening, a friend and I had a conversation thinking through ways we could try to make the most of the indefinite future that came with pandemic.