Finding the Courage to Confront | One-Minute Homily

by | Sep 10, 2023 | One-Minute Homily, Videos

It can be difficult to confront those who wrong us, especially our friends, but Jesus calls us to reconcile so that we can be united with him. Fr. Eric Immel, SJ, uses Harry Potter to reflect on today’s gospel. Based on the readings for Sunday, September 10, 2023.

Anyone else out there still a little obsessed with Harry Potter? 

I’m Eric Immel, and this is my one-minute homily.

At the end of the first Harry Potter book, an awkward boy named Neville Longbottom is rewarded for standing up to his friends, which can be harder than standing up to your enemies. 

Today’s gospel can be uncomfortable at first glance – a community calling someone out – it’s hard to be told that we’re doing something wrong, and it’s hard to invite others to change. But what we must notice in today’s story is that the person called out– this sinner – is called ‘brother,’ and not ‘enemy.’ 

I have found that moments of tension with loved ones can be difficult to navigate. But, I’ve also found that these moments are a chance for growth because I can trust that within my communities, love exists, and I AM KNOWN.  So I try to be like Neville – find the courage to say what I need to say and hear what I need to hear. In your willingness to grow, remember that you are united with each other and with Christ.