A Boy and a Sea Lion

Published Feb 14, 2018 in Blogs, Creation, Faith & Family, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

My friends and I found the sea lion exhibit down some stairs past a few enormous trees and between giant fake rock formations. It was a thick glass cross-section of a seashore, complete with jagged  outcroppings and deep diving waters. The air smelled like salt, and I could’ve sworn I heard seagulls overhead. The sea […]

Powering Down

Published Jan 3, 2018 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 2 mins

The electricity still wasn’t back on when I woke up— I tried both lamps before I lit a candle. I heard someone down the hall flick a switch one too many times. Nope. Even with five video conferences scheduled for the day, the internet down and no promise of resolution, I felt a strange calm. […]

How This is Home

Published Nov 22, 2017 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

After two and a half years on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Garrett Gundlach, SJ tries his best to show his visiting parents why it has become his home.

You’re right.

Published Apr 19, 2017 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

Garrett Gundlach SJ hears the last thing you want to hear from a student and responds with the last thing you want to say.