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Garrett Gundlach is a proud midwesterner whose spiritual roots include Stars Wars, the Great Lakes and the Boy Scouts. He is currently taller and has a better beard than his three little brothers, but he doesn't consider himself competitive. His father is a Catholic version of Calvin & Hobbes' Dad, and his mother is an artist and anchor. Garrett was happy to escape the ruckus of Chicago with an MSW and is now an educator and minister at a high school among the Lakota people in South Dakota. Garrett thrives in situations where he can trip over himself in new ways, including intercultural work, travel, Jesuit community, prayer, camping, and writing.

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Powering Down

Powering Down

The electricity still wasn’t back on when I woke up— I tried both lamps before I lit a candle. I heard someone down the hall flick a switch one too many times. Nope. Even with five video conferences scheduled for the day, the internet down and no promise of...