The First Principle and Foundation

  Sep 24, 2019  Spirituality ~ Approx 1 min

St. Ignatius knew that we have to build ourselves on a firm foundation. This week Br. Mark Mackey, SJ, helps us to understand St. Ignatius’ First Principle and Foundation. You know, a lot of us learn from a relatively young age the importance of building on a solid foundation. Hi, I’m Brother Mark Mackey, and […]

Intro to the Spiritual Exercises: Freedom

  Sep 17, 2019  Spirituality ~ Approx 1min

What does is it mean to truly be free? Br. Mark Mackey, SJ, continues to lead us through an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, in which Ignatius calls for us to shed from ourselves the things that hold us down. What’s keeping you from peace and joy in your life? […]