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Born in Hinsdale, IL, David Inczauskis, SJ, is visiting faculty in Classics and Modern Languages at Xavier University. He is the author of "La Fragua: el teatro jesuita de Centroamérica," a book published in 2019 by UCA Editores about Honduras' revolutionary Jesuit theater. He likes fruit smoothies, Latin American film, and cucumber water.

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Why Did They Shoot Ignacio Ellacuría, SJ?

Why Did They Shoot Ignacio Ellacuría, SJ?

Ellacuría openly and emphatically emphasized the subversive dimension of the Christian faith. He claimed that Latin America is searching for “revolutionary change rather than reformist change” and that Christianity exhibits a “subversive dynamism,” which, though running the risk of Marxist co-option, can propel revolution against “the demands of capital.”