The Third Week: Where the Lord is Leading Us | Seeking God: A Jesuit Retreat

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The grace of the Third Week is to have sorrow and compassion for Jesus, to suffer with him because he goes to his passion for us. This episode begins by discussing the Paschal Path, which is where the Lord is leading us, and a path that all of us will have to walk in this life. It includes success, misunderstanding, suffering, death and loss, waiting in suspense, and new life. Jesus modeled this path for us, and we other examples in our lives of people who have modeled it for us too. When we recognize where we are on the Paschal Path, we recognize how we are in solidarity with Jesus. This episode ends by shifting the focus to Jesus on the cross. St. Ignatius encourages us in the Third Week to pause before the cross and spend time there, to place ourselves with Jesus on the cross.

  • Suggested texts:
    • Matthew 16:24-28
    • Matthew 27:33-56
    • Mark 15:22-41
    • Luke 23:33-49
    • John 19:16-37
    • Or any of the full Passion accounts from the Gospels.

Paschal Path: Success – Misunderstanding/Rejection – Suffering – Death/Loss – Waiting – New Life.

Points for Reflection: Reflect on where you are on the Paschal Path and spend time with Jesus on the cross.

    • Where do you find yourself on the Paschal Path right now?
    • Who has modeled the Paschal Path for you?
    • Use your imagination or sit in front of a crucifix. What does it look like? How does it make you feel?

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