What do non-believers have to say about belief?

Atheist Admires Pope Francis. So What?

Old News. Photo credit @Doug88888 via Flicker Creative Commons.

Papal Novelties

Wait for it, wait for it...

Quoting the Pope and Missing the Point

Jazz Mass. Photo credit T-Bone Sandwich via Flickr Creative Commons.

The Jazz Pope


Hope and Reform in the Roman Curia

Icon of St. Francis Cover Clip by Jim Forest via Flickr

TJPodcast: What’s in a (Pope’s) Name?

Bergoglio on Holy Thursday — widely distributed on Twitter, unattributed

What Pope Francis Wants to Change

Snooki's Tweet About Pope Francis — screenshot

Even Celebrities Love This Pope

Shea: "Forgive me, Your Holiness,
 but is that still 'your' hat?"
B16: (sighs) "It is not.  But it's so hard 
to say goodbye to yesterday..."

Musical Musings with a Pope Emeritus

Nobody Expects...

What’s So Weird About A Jesuit Pope?