Even Celebrities Love This Pope

by | Mar 16, 2013 | Papal Election

Snooki's Tweet About Pope Francis — screenshot

The celebrity world is all abuzz about Pope Francis, “il Papa gesuita.”  Wait, isn’t he Jeffrey Tambor from “Arrested Development”?  Entertainment News is not one bit surprised that religion has always been a huge hit in entertainment.  Even those who don’t know what a “pope” is (or, fair warning, what kind of language is appropriate to ask about it) are dying to find out.

Snooki says he’s adorable.  Kathy Griffin wonders if he’s single. Craig Ferguson thinks he’ll replace Jay Leno. Carson Daly sends him prayers and asks for prayers.  Here’s what they and others all have to say:

MTV put together a Papal ipod playlist to get the Pontiff caught up on today’s “sacred” music. Selections include Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take The Wheel” and Lady Gaga’s “Judas.”  I would include “Beer with Jesus” and “Harlem Shake,” the “Suor Angelica” version.


And by the way, “catching up with the times” doesn’t mean you have to throw out “Ave Maria” for the “Harlem Shake.”  Both/And baby.

Tmz.com holds a “pope-off” to let you choose “Who’d you rather?” Benedict XVI or Francis.  Both/And, I say. Both/And.

And Dennis Rodman talks religion and repents of his vacationing with Kim Jong Un by becoming a celibate Cardinal of the Catholic Church.  His dream of a black pope might come true after all.


Stranger things have happened. After all, we’ve got a Jesuit pope.