Author: Jason Welle, SJ

Jason, born and raised in southern California, attended a high school seminary before going to University of California, Santa Cruz to complete a B.A. in Community Studies. He worked nine years in the travel industry, including seven as a flight attendant. In the midst of his high-in-the-sky career, he took a leave to do something more down-to-earth: serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi. Jason is now studying theology in Berkeley, CA.

Contact: [email protected]@malawijay

Cross in the fields | Flickr User Pavel P. | Flickr Creative Commons

Worth Listening: No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross

Brian Williams in caricature

Playing the Fool on the Evening News

Not Built to Stay - courtesy flickr user Mike

Remembering the Dead in The Book of Life

One brother accompanying another
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On Love and Dignity and Dying

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Church Music’s Greatest Decade: with Bonus Track!

Signs at San Francisco Shrine | Flickr User larrybobsf | Flickr Creative Commons

The Shame of Religious Families: Homeless LGBT Youth

Really, how do we measure success?
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Jesuit Colleges: Measuring up?

Jesuit Father Frans van der Lugt, who had worked in Syria since 1966, is seen talking with civilians in January. (CNS/Reuters)

A Brave Soul, A Relentless Spirit

Fred Phelps, courtesy Wikimedia user Nicke L.

Loving Your Enemies: Finding Mercy for Fred Phelps

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