Author: Matt Spotts, SJ

Matt is a native of Cincinnati and entered the Jesuits after graduating from Fordham University. He has a master’s degree in Early Modern European history from Saint Louis University with a concentration in the religious and cultural life of the Reformation era. Near associates report that his actual areas of specialty have much more to do with period dramas, obsessive sports fandom, and hot caffeinated beverages. He lives in Indianapolis where he teaches courses in history and religious studies at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School.

Contact: [email protected]@mspottssj

What do non-believers have to say about belief?

Los ateos admiran al papa Francisco. ¿Y qué?

Joy Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs at Flickr

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Joy Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs at Flickr

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So what DOES the fox say?!

What do non-believers have to say about belief?

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“Rockstar” Terrorist: On the Rolling Stone Controversy

Inter Ultras. Photo credit InvernoDreaming via Flickr Creative Commons

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