The First Week: Obstacles on Our Journey of Faith | Seeking God: A Jesuit Retreat

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Seeking God: A Jesuit Retreat, Series, Videos

This episode is titled “The First Week: Obstacles on Our Journey of Faith.” The grace of the First Week of the Spiritual Exercises is to feel a deep and intense sorrow for my sins, shame and confusion that my sinfulness is an obstacle between myself and God. This episode will focus on four primary types of obstacles faced on our journey of faith: sin, false idols, attachments, and self-doubt. Reflecting on the obstacles that we face always has to be framed within the context of God’s infinite love and mercy. We are sinners, loved by God. So, this episode also includes praying for the grace to experience the profound joy of being forgiven by God.

  • Suggested texts:
    • John 8:1-11
    • Luke 18:9-14
    • Matthew 6:19-21
    • Romans 7:13-23
    • Psalm 51
  • Points for Reflection: Reflect on the obstacles on your journey of faith.
    • Sin: What leads you to turn away from God and go the wrong way?
    • False idols: What distracts you on your journey and causes you to lose your focus on God?
    • Attachments: What are the things that you cling to that weigh you down?
    • Self-doubt: Are you facing a daunting obstacle right now? Can you offer that up to Jesus?

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