Puppy Love

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Bodie the Puppy.

My school recently bought a puppy. That’s right, Chicago Jesuit Academy (the very same school that brought you the popular prepubescent Examen) is the proud new owner of Bodie, a half-German Shepherd, half-Labrador ball of oh-so-cute fur.  Seriously, what’s cuter than a yawning puppy?

Sure, puppies are adorable, but why should a middle school keep one? Is cuteness enough of a reason to commit to training and caring for a dog? Yep, sure is.

You remember middle school, right? In case not, let me remind you: on the whole, middle school sucks. There’s rejection and embarrassment, confusion and exhaustion—and that’s just during recess. Kids can get so wrapped up in their own struggles they forget that other people have struggles too. Come to think of it, can’t we all?

Enter Bodie, or any puppy. What could be more absorbing than looking into those big, inviting puppy eyes? Playing with a puppy is a surefire way to make your cares melt away. Puppy love helps us pay attention to the feelings of our canine friend, and stops us from thinking so much about ourselves. In other words, Bodie draws us into empathy. Seriously. The research says so.

Now, if only the DMV had puppies…


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