Privacy Policy

Email Addresses

Any email addresses we collected on this website will not be shared with any 3rd parties, and will be used primarily to send you the material you have requested (a subscription to a daily update with new articles or a more occasional update with a summary of recent articles). We may also use your email address from time to time to contact you with news or updates about The Jesuit Post.

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Our comment system is hosted through Facebook integration; we also provide buttons on our posts to allow sharing via Facebook and Twitter, and a recent activity display from Facebook to help recommend articles that may be shared or recommended on our site by your Facebook friends. In using these services, we comply with the applicable policies from Facebook and Twitter.

While we make use of the reports provided by Facebook about the usage of our comments system and sharing or liking of articles, these reports do not contain any personally identifiable information about individual users. We do not acquire or retain any further information from our integration with Facebook; all comment and like data is stored in Facebook’s system, subject to their privacy policies, and under your control from within your own Facebook account.