The Papal Interview: Young Jesuits React and Reflect

Wait for it, wait for it...

Wait for it, wait for it…

Well, we waited … and he delivered.

One of the minor (or not-so-minor) miracles involved in the recent interview with Pope Francis is that 16 Jesuit publications around the globe managed to keep the whole thing a total secret until the moment it was published. Of course, now that the interview has been released, we Jesuits can’t stop talking about it.

As our staff here at TJP continues to read through the interview and pray about what we find there, we will be posting some explanations, analyses, and responses to various parts of what Pope Francis had to say. Before you jump into all the reactions, however, let us be the first to remind you: this interview can’t be reduced to soundbites. It deserves a prayerful and discerning reading.

We will be keeping this post updated with new TJP pieces responding to the interview as they’re published, so bookmark this page and check back frequently. We’ll also post links here to other responses that we’ve been reading on the web, both in the Catholic and the secular press.

Please add your thoughts and analysis in the comments here or on the individual articles.  If you have suggestions or other great articles we should link, let us know.  We love a good conversation — and so, apparently, does Pope Francis.