Approaching the Passion, draw close to Jesus

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Holy Week, Music

Life without God feels cold. The times I have felt the most numb were the ones when I chose to be distant from the divine; running away from the source of warmth.

On Good Friday, the invitation is to be close to Jesus during his Passion, a time of deep suffering and anguish. Paradoxically, this has brought warmth to my life over the years. The suffering Jesus endured can be difficult to understand and enter into. The mystery is that God’s grace is in his blood. This has deepened as I pray with the love Jesus has shown for me; I want to hide in this grace. I find it like a spring rain that washes away the ash, dirt, and grime. From this, new life emerges.

I try and capture these emotions in my latest release.

Sally Iocca provides vocals for “Hide Me.”


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