The Vine and the Branches: An Online Lenten Retreat

by | Feb 27, 2022 | Lent, Lenten Retreat 2022

Join Deacon David Kiblinger, SJ, for our 3rd annual Online Lenten Retreat. For the past two years, we have presented online retreats during Holy Week. This year, we wanted to offer a retreat that would last throughout the Lenten Season. A new talk will be released each Saturday in Lent and two during Holy Week. The retreat begins on March 5th.

The theme of this year’s retreat is The Vine and the Branches from Chapter 15 of the Gospel of John. Each talk will pull a theme from this discourse between Jesus and his disciples so that we might learn how to follow Jesus more closely.

Talks will be available on our website, YouTube channel, and in our “Seeking God: A Jesuit Retreat” podcast stream.

In this preview video, David offers a few helpful tips to prepare for the retreat:

1 – Read over the passage on the Vine and the Branches in Chapter 15 of the Gospel of John.

What stands out to you as you read over this verse? What is Jesus trying to tell you?

2 – Familiarize yourself with Ignatian Contemplation.

We’ll be engaging in this form of prayer throughout the retreat. If you’re not as familiar with this type of prayer, check out this article on Ignatian Contemplation from our Jesuit 101 series.

3 – Make a plan.

How much time do you plan to spend in prayer? Can you carve out 20 minutes of silence? Maybe 30 minutes or more? Do you have a space where you can pray with limited distractions? You can choose whatever is most comfortable for you, but it is helpful to make a plan ahead of time so that it becomes part of your routine.


Retreat Talks available here:

Talk 1: Remain in my Love

Talk 2: A Pruned Branch

Talk 3: Chosen to Bear Fruit

Talk 4: The True Vine

Talk 5: Loving as Jesus Loved

Talk 6: I Call You Friends

Talk 7: No Greater Love

Talk 8: A Complete Joy


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