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David is a Jesuit in his second go-round studying philosophy, this time at the University of Notre Dame. He's adjusting to cooler temperatures after spending two years teaching middle school algebra in San Juan, PR. Originally from southeast Missouri, he enjoys everything academic from math to theology. However, he is at his most passionate when discussing sports, especially anything related to the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Talk 3: Chosen to Bear Fruit | Lenten Retreat 2022

Our online retreat moves into the Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises, when we focus on following Christ who calls us to help build up the Kingdom of God. This call can be exciting and motivating at first, but we can become lukewarm over time. David reflects on advice from Pope Francis and the example of Mary to persevere in faith.

Talk 2: A Pruned Branch | Lenten Retreat 2022

In the second talk of our Lenten Retreat, David reflects on the First Week/Theme of the Spiritual Exercises. The goal in this part of the Exercises is to recognize that we are sinners that are loved deeply by God. David reflects on the difficult, but important process of pruning as he goes deeper into the theme of the Vine and the Branches.