Talk 5: Loving as Jesus Loved | Lenten Retreat 2022

by | Apr 2, 2022 | Lent, Lenten Retreat 2022, Seeking God: A Jesuit Retreat, Spirituality, Video Retreats, Videos

Podcast episode:

Jesus commands his disciples to love as he loved. In order to fulfill this commandment, we need to be intimately familiar with how Jesus loves others. In the final talk of the Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises, David highlights seven episodes where Jesus demonstrates his love. By encountering the sorrowful, the sick, the stranger, the shamed, the sinner, the settler, and even the religious superior, Jesus gives us an example of expansive, inclusive love.

Verse: This is my commandment: love one another as I love you. (John 15:12)

Suggested Scripture: Luke 7:11-17 (the sorrowful), Luke 5:12-16 (the sick), John 4:4-30 (the stranger), Luke 19:1-10 (the shamed), Luke 7:36-50 (the sinner), Luke 7:1-10 (the settler), Luke 7:40-56 (the religious superior)

Questions for reflection:

    • Do any of these stories give me new insight into Jesus’ love?
    • Who in my life needs my love right now?

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