Live the Questions: A Holy Week Retreat in the Ignatian Tradition

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Holy Week, Lent, Seeking God: A Jesuit Retreat, Video Retreats, Videos

Join Eric Immel, SJ, for an online Holy Week retreat starting on Monday, March 29 and lasting through Saturday, April 3.

The theme of this year’s retreat is “Live the Questions.” Each talk will explore a fundamental question in the spiritual life and how it relates to the major themes of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Episodes will be available daily in video and podcast format. Links for each talk will be posted on this page.

Retreat Preview:

Talks in the series:

Talk 1: Where Are You? The First Principle and Foundation

Talk 2: Who Told You That? Sin and God’s Boundless Love

Talk 3: How Can This Be? The Early and Hidden Years of Jesus’ Life

Talk 4: What Do You Want? The Public Ministry of Jesus

Talk 5: Surely, it is not I, Lord? The Passion of Jesus

Talk 6: Do You Love Me? The Resurrected Christ and Our Response