St. Alphonsus Rodriguez: Welcoming All as Christ | One-Minute Saints

by | Oct 31, 2020 | One-Minute Saints, Videos

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez was a Jesuit brother who spent years as a door-keeper. He became renowned for his hospitality and advice. Br. Ken Homan, SJ, reflects on the life of Alphonsus Rodriguez, who teaches us that being a saint isn’t just about big actions, it’s about living a life of everyday love.

Peter isn’t the only saint who watches the gate.

Hi, I’m Br. Ken Homan with the Jesuit Post.

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez is an exemplar of love in the face of tragedy. Before he even turned thirty-five, Rodriguez lost his father, his wife, and all three of his children to death. So at thirty-nine years old, Rodriguez entered the Jesuits as a brother. This means he shared the same vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, but wasn’t called to priesthood.

For over forty years, Rodriguez served as the door-keeper to the Jesuit university in Majorca, Spain. He greeted those who passed, distributed alms to those in poverty, and spent hours in spiritual conversation with those seeking advice or consolation. He knew that each person at the door was Christ coming knocking.

Some saints are known for incredible deeds. Rogriguez is special for his everyday love, making him easy for us to emulate. Despite his hardships, Rodriguez sought to always love God. And he loved God by loving his neighbor. Like Brother Alphonsus Rodriguez, we’re all called to a life of everyday love.

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez, pray for us.