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by | Oct 27, 2016 | Faith & Politics, In the News

Friends, it’s been a long haul. Back when this campaign season started, approximately twenty people stepped into the ring to battle for their respective parties’ nominations to be President. Now we’re down to the final two. They’ve got their running mates. They’ve finished all of the debates. They’ve appeared on stage together for the last time.

This brings us to the most exciting and most important stage of the campaign season: making a decision, going to the polls, and casting a vote!1

Although you can check out any variety of professional political pundits’ predictions,2 we at The Jesuit Post thought we’d engage you, dear readers, and ask what you think will happen on Election Day.

If you’re up for sharing your predictions for the election, please go over to this handy-dandy customizable electoral map and select who you think will win each State. Once you’ve finished your map, please share it on Facebook or Twitter and include the tag “#TJPelections” so that we can see what the TJP community thinks will happen.

Who knows, if someone calls all of the states correctly, they might even get a shout-out in a future TJP piece.

How will each state vote? What will the final Electoral College count be? Share your predictions and insights with us! #TJPelections!


Image courtesy FlickrCC user Tom Prete.

  1. I’d like to state for the record that I actually think getting the “I voted” sticker is the most exciting part of the election season, but I suppose these other parts are nice too.
  2. I myself am a big fan of FiveThirtyEight and The Fix.

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