10 Moments for Lent

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Humor

Lent Lunches

Alright folks, we’re about to kick off another Lent. What better way to start than by sharing some classic Lenten experiences? These are only funny because we’ve all been there at some point.

  1. When you check the mirror to make sure your ash still looks good.
  2. When someone asks if their ash is ok… and it isn’t.
  3. When you realize you haven’t even kept a New Year’s promise and now more is expected?!
  4. When you wonder why there are so many people in church…
  5. When you realize they didn’t get the ash right on your forehead and it just looks like a smudge…
  6. When you eat meat on Ash Wednesday…
  7. How you feel when you give up meat for Lent…
  8. When you sneak a treat between meals, you be like…
  9. When you realize halfway through a delicious burger, that it’s Friday.
  10. When someone tells you on Easter that the Sundays in Lent didn’t count.1

Have a blessed Lent and best wishes doing a little extra in the name of God!


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Cover image courtesy Flickr CC user Niel Moralee, found here.

  1. Attempts to resolve whether this is actually true or not led to a passionate but inconclusive debate in the TJP newsroom.

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