Week in Review — July 22-28, 2012

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Having properly caffeinated ourselves early on Monday morning, we here at TJP proceeded to walk through San Quentin State Prison’s Death Row with chaplain Fr. George Williams, SJ.  After letting us in on the fact that he celebrates Mass in Kevlar vest, he wrote: “It’s strange how the words of the Gospel take on a different resonance on Death Row.”  The rest of the week saw us continue to proudly proclaim the strangeness of the Gospel as it resonates in thousands of places, places of dark and light alike.

This week we saw the Good News in:

  • The fact that World Youth Day 2013 is only a year away.  Even more, that we here at TJP will be teaming up with MAG+S 2013 to cover it.  Let the countdown begin.
  • Speaking of countdowns, we’re only a couple days from the feast of St. Ignatius.  (Like Harry Potter’s birthday, it’s on the 31st of July).  We teamed up with www.ignatianspirituality.com to participate in their Find Your Inner Iggy project.  It’s still going on if you’d like to check it out.
  • As the sweat on our foreheads lets us know, it’s still summertime.  Which means that Joe Simmons is continuing his world travels.  This week he discovered a prayer in learning to say “pardon me” in Polish.
  • Not wanting to leave Joe alone on his travels, our Journey Moments series continued this week.  Jay Hooks interviewed Sara Brabec about her pilgrimage on the Camino Santiago, and she suggested being “less concerned about whatever end goal there is.”  You can walk it out with Sara and Jay here.
  • Another TJP series came to an end this week, as Ryan Duns offered up the fifth and final “How to Be an Atheist” letter.
  • If all those series are too much, you can take a cue from Perry Petrich and the middle schoolers of Chicago Jesuit Academy and immerse yourself in some puppy love.
  • Speaking of love, Brendan Busse says that “love looks good on anyone,” and in so doing sings the praises of both cardigans and our recently deceased brother Fr. Vinny O’Keefe, SJ.
  • The only thing better than one Vinny is two Vinny’s.  And the only thing better than two Vinny’s is when one of them is writing about humility at the London 2012 Olympics!  (Maybe the only thing better than that is if he could have predicted the rainfall of Mary Poppins’ and the 50′ Voldemort during the opening ceremonies).

That pretty much did for our last week, but we have great stuff coming still.  We hope you’ll get yourselves properly caffeinated and join us at TJP every morning.


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