One-Minute Homily: “Finding Our Place”

Published Sep 1, 2019 in One-Minute Homily ~ Approx 1min

Jesus came to put us in our place. Humble the exalted, exalt the humble. Uli Covarrubias, SJ, reminds us that through this Jesus calls us to be near him and the Father. Check out this week’s One-Minute Homily, based on the readings for September 1, 2019, which you can find here: Finally, every book […]

Searching for God with NF

Published Aug 23, 2019 in Art, Music, Pop Culture ~ Approx 6 mins

The rapper NF came out with a new album about fame, success, mental health and, ultimately, the desire for a relationship with God. We break down the album with the help of St. Thomas Aquinas.

One-Minute Homily: “From Division to Unity”

Published Aug 18, 2019 in One-Minute Homily ~ Approx 1 min

Tired of all the division in our world? So is Jesus. Brian Strassburger, SJ, reminds us that we are called to be one and gives tips on how we can help make this happen. Based on the readings for Sunday, August 18, 2019. Do you ever get really frustrated with all the divisions in our […]

One-Minute Homily: “Spiritually Prepared”

Published Aug 11, 2019 in One-Minute Homily, Uncategorized ~ Approx 1min

What would you put in a spiritual survival kit? Fr. Joe Simmons, SJ, talks about bug-out bags and the call to be prepared in this week’s One-Minute Homily. Based on the readings for Sunday, August 11, 2019, which you can find here: If Jesus came tomorrow, what would he find in your spiritual ‘bug-out […]