Unlikely Messengers: God Chose the Foolish | One-Minute Homily

by | Jan 29, 2023 | One-Minute Homily, Videos

Are there people that don’t want to hear us? Are there people that we don’t want to hear? Joe Nolla, SJ, reminds us that God chooses the unlikely messengers to preach the Good News. We are meant to both preach and listen. Based on the readings for Sunday, January 29, 2023.

We can’t preach the Gospel if we don’t hear it.  

I’m Joseph Nolla and this is my One-Minute Reflection.  

We all know what it’s like not to be heard.  Sometimes people don’t want to hear us because they don’t know us.  Other times people don’t want to listen to us because they know our imperfections.  

St. Paul reminds us that God chose the foolish, the weak, and the despised to bring the Good News.  God chose people who others didn’t want to hear and God calls all of us not only to preach the Gospel, but to hear it.  

Just as we know what it’s like to be ignored, there’s a strong chance that we’re also ignoring someone – someone that God has chosen to preach to us.  Maybe it’s a stranger or someone who made a bad lasting impression, but let’s not allow that to keep us from hearing what God’s trying to tell us through that other person.  

God sends the unlikeliest of messengers, and sends them to us too.



Joseph Nolla, SJ

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