The Hard Work of Discipleship | One-Minute Homily

by | Aug 22, 2021 | One-Minute Homily, Videos

Being a disciple of Jesus is not easy, but it is worth it. Are we willing to put in the work? Doug Jones, SJ, reflects on discipleship in this week’s One-Minute Homily. Based on the readings for Sunday, August 21, 2021.

Following Jesus is hard work!

Hi, I’m Doug Jones, and this is my One Minute Reflection.

Have you ever started a diet, or an exercise plan, and struggled to keep it going? Don’t we always joke about New Year’s resolutions failing by mid-January? Making changes in our lives is hard work, and keeping at them is even harder.

Even more than a diet or exercise plan, God’s call demands our full commitment. We see in today’s Gospel that even Jesus’ closest followers, those who knew him best, started to abandon him. They couldn’t commit to the work.

What about us? Will we abandon him too? 

Committing to the work of God is a choice, and it’s one that we keep making throughout our lives. Each day, we face a decision: to put in the work to serve God and God’s people, or not. To return the love that God has lavished on us, or not. 

Jesus gives us the freedom to follow him or abandon him. But where else but Jesus can we find the “words of eternal life?”