Letters to the Candidates: Concerns from a Catholic Perspective

by and | Nov 3, 2020 | Faith & Politics, In the News, Justice

Editors’ Note:  Our writers co-wrote these letters to both the major party candidates for president. We invite you to read both the Letter to President Trump and the Letter to Vice President Biden.

From the Writers: As mentioned in Dan’s article last week, we write these letters to Vice President Biden and President Trump as Catholics who wish to name crucial ways in which both candidates are out of alignment with Catholic teaching. Our letters are not endorsements of either candidate, nor are they attempts to determine whose views are more in line with Catholic teaching. 

Rather, we write with the intention of inviting both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump to consider where their viewpoints and policy positions are inconsistent with Catholic social and moral teaching.

Finally, neither letter is meant to be exhaustive of the issues. In fact, due to space constraints, we have decided to focus mainly on one issue per candidate. 

Please join us in praying for our country in the coming days and weeks: for a peaceful election and for every person to generously work for the building of the common good and the promotion and protection of the dignity of all, particularly the most vulnerable. 

Letter to President Trump here.

Letter to Vice President Biden here.


Dan Finucane, SJ

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