Will Charity or Love Prevail?

by | Apr 17, 2017 | Faith & Politics, Spirituality

(The Latin “caritas” is translated into English as “love” as well as “charity.” Starting over after our Lenten almsgiving, we can take time to reflect and ask ourselves: are they really interchangeable?)


Charity shows itself in words
Love shows itself in deeds

Charity is: “I’ll see you when I can”
Love is: “every distance is not near”

Charity likes to be comfortable
Love likes to bring comfort

Charity has all the answers
Love listens for the answers

Charity hates mistakes
Love thrives in the messiness

Charity is from my surplus
Love is from my depths

Charity is for “those people”
Love is for “us”

Charity seeks the selfie
Love seeks to be present

Charity is: “I will save you”
Love is: “Your liberation is my liberation”

Charity looks for obstacles
Love finds opportunities

Charity doesn’t “see” color
Love faces reality

Charity pities the “poor”
Love knows that I too am poor

Charity can wait for tomorrow
Love always lives for today …

… because charity wants “good enough,”
And Love desires me to greatness now