One-Minute Homily: “Jesus Alert!”

Published Dec 3, 2017 in Spirituality ~ Approx 1 min

Begin Advent 2017 by being watchful for Christ in your everyday life. Listen to Henoch Fente Derbew, SJ’s, (extremely) brief, yet powerful reflection, based on the Sunday Mass readings for December 3, 2017:

Will Charity or Love Prevail?

Published Apr 17, 2017 in Faith & Politics, Spirituality ~ Approx 1 min

(The Latin “caritas” is translated into English as “love” as well as “charity.” Starting over after our Lenten almsgiving, we can take time to reflect and ask ourselves: are they really interchangeable?)   Charity shows itself in words Love shows itself in deeds Charity is: “I’ll see you when I can” Love is: “every distance […]