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Father and Son

As the staff of The Jesuit Post reflected on Father’s Day, we realized that our fathers have shared with us their wisdom, humor, and examples. These both formed the servants we are, and the men we hope to be. Here is a list of the some of the treasured moments and pieces of wisdom our fathers have given us:

  1. Things I can still hear my father saying to me: “I will love you, no matter what.” –Joe Simmons, SJ
  2. Pacific Coast Highway, from Flickr Creative Commons.

    Pacific Coast Highway, from Flickr Creative Commons.

    “Out of the way” shouldn’t be “out of your way” – My parents’ daily commute was a long one, but it ended near the beach. On the last stretch of the trip you can take the quick exit or continue on another half-mile or so to California’s famed Pacific Coast Highway. My father always continued on. The detour adds a few minutes to the trip, but in exchange you can check out the surf, set your eyes on the horizon, and appreciate the graceful curve of Santa Monica Bay. Life is short. Take the scenic route when you can. I love you Dad.  –Brendan Busse, SJ 

  3. One thing I will always remember from my dad was his analogy of a toolbox.  As he tells the story, each person has his or her own set of tools in life.  Some have hammers, others screwdrivers, and the like.  It is a gentle reminder for me not to look at what I cannot do.  A person with a screwdriver cannot cut wood, but that does not mean that the person is not valuable or important. Dad, thank you for teaching me how each of our different abilities are valuable, because we are. –Sean Barry, SJ
  4. Thanks for teaching me when to pitch in and when to step back! –Keith Maczkiewicz, SJ
  5. Photo contributed by author.

    Photo contributed by author.

    When I first began applying for the Jesuits, my dad was not keen on the idea. I was a wanderlust sophomore at Creighton. He rightly worried that I simply wanted a new adventure. That summer, I was working for the Park Service in South Dakota. My dad came to visit, and as we watched the bison and sunset, he told me he supported my entering. Two years later at my vows, I knelt in the front pew during communion. As my dad received the Eucharist and walked past me, he had tears pouring down. He smiled and patted me on the cheek. Never in my life had I felt so loved. –Ken Homan, SJ

  6. Thank you for teaching me how to fix things. Related, thank you for soon after teaching me to move my fingers away from the nail when swinging a hammer. Thanks Dad. –Colten Biro, SJ

On behalf of all of the staff at The Jesuit Post, we’d like to thank our fathers and all the father figures in our lives. You will never know the extent of the impact you’ve had on us, but rest assured that we are the men we are today because of your examples.

Thank you. Happy Father’s Day!


Cover image courtesy Flickr CC user Frank Lindecke, found here.


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