National Cookie Month!

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Tea pot cake: Fall theme, bridal shower | Flickr User jkaty27 | Flickr Creative Commons

So there I was minding my own business and October sneaks up on me with its gray skies and temperatures in the 50s.  Am I mad?  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I can’t stand being hot.  I’ll take a day walking around with a jacket on over a day at the beach every time.  So am I mad that Fall is here? No, not at all.

Another great thing about the Fall is that I can bake without feeling like the oven is out to destroy me.  You know how President Harry Truman used to say “if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen,” well that is pretty much my motto during the summer because, as I’ve already said, I can’t stand the heat.  Not only does Fall provide great baking weather, but October is national cookie month.  I can explain more why cookies are great but I think our old friend Cookie Monster explains it a lot better:



There are many great cookies you can buy at the store but here are my top three cookies to make at home this Fall.

  1. Iced Pumpkin Cookies– This is a great recipe, especially for beginners.  There are a lot of ingredients, but there are only four steps! The cookie is soft and just so good this time of you and the glaze is literally the icing on top…get it, because the glaze is icing.  
  2. Applesauce Cookies with Caramel Frosting– Yep, another cookie with frosting — you’re welcome! If you’re gonna make a pumpkin cookie you might as well make an apple flavored one too! You don’t have to include the caramel frosting, the cookies are good enough on their own, but it is Fall so treat yourself!  
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookies– I’m still trying to find my favorite recipe for this classic cookie.  I can’t endorse just one!  Find the one that works for you. And the only way to do that? You’ll have to make chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis, #sorrynotsorry but it’s really the only way.  
Pumpkin Cookies | Flickr User George Wesley & Bonita Dannells | Flickr Creative Commons

Pumpkin Cookies | Flickr User George Wesley & Bonita Dannells | Flickr Creative Commons

There are many ways to celebrate Fall and national cookie month, but the best way is to share a cookie with a friend or loved one.  What cookie are you going to make to celebrate? Tweet us your favorite (@TheJesuitPost) or post the recipe in the comments section!



Cover Photo, Tea pot cake: Fall theme, bridal shower by Flickr User jkaty27, via Flickr Creative Commons, available here.


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