Honey, I’m Good, Right Where I Am

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Pop Culture

Andy Grammer 7/30/2014 #29 | Flickr User Justin Higuchi | Flickr Creative Commons

So, a slight confession: at pretty much every moment of my waking hours, I have some sort of song stuck in my head. While I’d love to claim that these are pious songs, it’s usually pop songs. And, to be completely honest, the more embarrassing the song, the more likely it is to be stuck in my head.

Lately though, my internal soundtrack has been Andy Grammer’s “Honey I’m Good”. It’s playful enough to be stuck on repeat in my head, and I’d be lying if it wasn’t fun to sing. More than just the infectious tune, though, I’ve been stuck on the lyrics to the chorus:

So nah nah Honey, I’m good. I could have another but I probably should not.

I’ve got somebody at home, and if I stay I might not leave alone.

No, honey, I’m good. I could have another but I probably should not.

I’ve got to bid you adieu. To another I will stay true!

The singer actively chooses to be faithful. Rather than the green grass on the other side, he chooses to stay true. It makes me wonder, how often could we avoid pain and trouble by simply choosing to be faithful?  

Andy Grammer’s music video is simply a montage of couples holding up signs displaying how long they have been together. The signs range from a couple of months to decades. The singer  and the couples know something that I often forget: the grass is plenty green right where I am.

We are all looking for something; call it exploring, wondering, seeking, or even discernment. Ultimately, it comes down to one thing: we are looking for meaning and joy and happiness. So here is the next question: Why does it have to be anywhere else but where I am now?

If this  video shows anything, it’s that after all this time these couples still  have joy… right where they are. Seeking takes us places, places we in fact should go and move towards. If we are really seeking something, shouldn’t we be open not only to the possibility that our something is far away but that it might in fact be all around us?  

Maybe we don’t need a better girl or boy to make us happy. Maybe we don’t need the newest (i)phone, clothes, or stuff. Maybe all we need is to simply find the goodness and the joy in the things around us, like the singer and the couples in the video do. Maybe we can simply admit it: Honey, I’m good.



Cover Image, Andy Grammer 7/30/2014 #29  by Flickr User Justin Higuchi, via Flickr Creative Commons, available here.


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