The Seven Deadly Sins in the Digital Age

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Humor, Pop Culture


Gluttony: Tweeting or posting pictures of your food


Henar Lanchas / Flickr Creative Commons

Look, we all know where the sushi restaurant is located and what it serves. They have a website, and the menu is already made up of pictures. Hello, redundancy!


Greed: Getting the latest iDevice, even though you already have a perfectly working older version

Steve Rhodes / Flickr Creative Commons

Does Angry Birds really run that much more quickly on the 5s? Come on now, be honest.


Sloth: Refusing to call someone and instead sending twenty texts to agree to something

Drriss and Marrionn / Flickr Creative Commons

An honest to God sentence needs both a subject and a verb! And if you’re really pushing the limits… a direct object!

Wrath: Anonymous ranting in the comments section

Eirik Solheim / Flickr Creative Commons

We all have an inner troll. Inner trolls are like butts. Everyone has one, but you don’t need to be displaying it in public… Just saying.


Lust: Spending way too much time checking your celebrity crush’s Instagram profile

Let’s just be honest, Jennifer Lawrence/Brad Pitt/Bradley Cooper… or Meryl Streep is never going to show up at your door and if he/she does, we’re pretty sure the first topic of conversation won’t be Instagram.


Envy: Coveting your neighbor’s Facebook likes and Twitter followers


Thomas Angermann / Flickr Creative Commons

You know you’ve done it. Don’t lie! You check the mutual friends against wall posts and think, “Wait, I work with him too! Why isn’t he my friend?” Then you come up with a lame reason to send your target a FB message… and the downward spiral begins!


Pride: Humble brags, such as “Couldn’t run today! 🙁 My calves are killing me from all the marathon training.”

I guess Rossmann is guilty of this one...

I guess Rossmann is guilty of this one…

Well aren’t you special… training for a real marathon?!?! Let it be known that we are planning a Game of Thrones-watching, Cheetos-eating marathon. So there!


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