Dominicans Take Over The Jesuit Post

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Dominican Shield

Another Editor’s Note: This post was part of April Fools Day 2014

Editor’s note: We Dominican student brothers truly admire the work of The Jesuit Post. So much so that we decided to lend a fraternal hand to our Jesuit brothers and add our own touch to the place (We’ve hacked in and taken control). The Order of Friars Preachers, after all, has a long tradition of providing intellectual and spiritual inspiration to the Society of Jesus. Unfortunately, they seemed to misunderstand our attempts to help, and they’ve retaliated and taken over the Dominicana Blog, where they’ve already begun to make a mess of things. As we await a mediated resolution to this stand-off, I encourage you to peruse some of the best of Dominicana—guaranteed 100% Jesuit-free. —Br. Henry Stephan, O.P., Editor, Dominicana Blog

1. “Whether St. Thomas is Boring?” Br. Raymund Snyder, O.P.

2. “House of Cards on an Ash Wednesday” Br. Henry Stephan, O.P.

3. “Meeting the Empress” Br. Dominic Verner, O.P.

4. “I Have Seen the Moment of My Greatness Flicker” Br. Innocent Smith, O.P.

5. “In the Boat with God” Br. Timothy Danaher, O.P.

6. “The Abdominous Monstrance” Br. Philip Neri Reese, O.P.

7. “What No One Told Me About Catholicism” Br. Gabriel Torretta, O.P.

8. “An Unusual Wake-up Call” Br. Joseph Martin Hagan, O.P.

9. “A Psalm for Those Who Grieve” Br. Vincent Ferrer Bagan, O.P.

10. “St. Thomas and the Keeping of Pets” Br. Bonaventure Chapman, O.P.

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