April Fools 2014 Wrap Up

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I’ve gotten a few confused emails recently about the various Dominican posts that are now part of TJP. With so many Jesuits in one place, you’re bound to get some mischief, especially on April 1st.  Fear not, it wasn’t a real hostile take-over.  Our brothers at Dominicana Blog came up with the idea of “swapping” sites for the day and we were more than happy to play along.

You can check out screenshots from the April Fools’ Day versions of each site here.

Following a lengthy and ancient tradition of taking Jesuits prisoner, the Friars Preachers from Dominicana Blog have seized The Jesuit Post until further notice. We’ve begun negotiations, but seriously, have you ever tried to argue with a Dominican?  Point, sub-point, sub-sub-point. As the philosopher said, “This could take a long time!

Who knows what we’ll cook up next year!?!

The Dominican Post (works by Dominican Friars on “The Jesuit Post”)

Dominicans Take Over “The Jesuit Post” by Br. Henry Stephan, O.P.
Whether the Society of Jesus is Greater Than the Order of Preachers? by Br. Dominic Verner, O.P., with Bros. Raymund Snyder, O.P., and Isaac Morales, O.P.
St. Ignatius and Other Great Dominicans by Br. Innocent Smith, O.P.
The Francis Effect: A Dominican Moment by Br. Gabriel Torretta, O.P.
Discerning a Religious Vocation by Br. Isaac Morales, O.P.

Jesuitica (works by Jesuits on “Dominicana”)

The Jesuit Post Takes Over Dominicana by Eric Sundrup, SJ
Aquinas Summa-rized: Finding God in All Things by John Peck SJ
Sibling Rivalry by The Jesuit Post


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