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Playlist courtesy Flickr user
Playlist courtesy Flickr user

Playlist courtesy Flickr user

Can you believe it’s almost been one year?

March 13 – just a couple of weeks away – will be the first anniversary of that night in Rome when Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, stepped out onto a balcony at St. Peter’s Basilica and was introduced to the world as Pope Francis.

As if becoming the first pope from Latin America wasn’t enough, he was also the first Jesuit pope – something many people (especially Jesuits!) never thought would happen. We all knew it wouldn’t be business as usual when he stayed in the Vatican guest house instead of the papal apartments.  He’s made waves with his humble and approachable style and even posed for a selfie!

The media can’t get enough and it has been a remarkable year in the Catholic Church. Millions of young Catholics flocked to Rio de Janeiro for a chance to be with Pope Francis last summer. (TJP was there!  A few of us are still recovering.) He became the first pope to grant an open interview to a news magazine, and the phrase “Pope Francis Effect” has entered the lexicon.

We want to commemorate this anniversary with a special online treat for Pope Francis: a #Playlist4Pontifex,1 and we could use your help! For the next couple of weeks, we want to hear your suggestions for a pontifical playlist, and on March 13 we’ll publish the whole list on Spotify as well as here on the pages of TJP.

So what do you remember about the first year of his papacy? What stands out to you? What excites you – or what frustrates you? It could be an event, a few key words, or even a broad theme.

Here’s the challenge: we need you come up with a song that, in one way or another, expresses your feelings or thoughts. It can be an old song or a new one, from any genre from Pop to Classical – pretty much any song that reminds you of the first year of Pope Francis.

Let us know what you’ve come up with! Email your song with the subject #Playlist4Pontifex to [email protected]. If you’re on Twitter (even better – let’s get this trending!) tag it with #Playlist4Pontifex.2

We’ve already got the #Playlist4Pontifex started, join the fun!







Playlist image courtesy Flickr user, found here.

  1. @Pontifex is the Twitter handle for the pope. It’s one of those old Latin words we just love keeping around.
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