Worth Reading: Socrates’s Best Burns

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Death of Socrates by wallyg at Flickr

Earlier this week BuzzFeed1 published its 13,752nd story in list form, officially making it the proof positive that the internet is actually, wholly and entirely, intended for procrastination.  But that’s a story for another time.  The story for today is that BuzzFeed came up with another awesome list yesterday.

This list, in what was obviously a blatant attempt to waste 220 seconds of every-single-philosophy-grad-student-in-the-entire-country’s time, is called “The 7 Times Socrates Was Kind of a [Jerk]”.  (The title is successful because it 100% fulfills the Hollywood expectation that a title tell you exactly whatever artistic object it describes consists of.)

Since I am a not only a client of the Defend Socrates At All Costs fanclub (acronym: DeSocAAC) but also the president, I immediately felt my face go red in anger at BuzzFeed’s audacity.  What, did they think that they could troll both DeSocAAC and the greatest gadfly in the history of mankind with zero consequences?  Did they think they… eh, who was I kidding, I clicked on the article.  It’s funny.

I’m including my fave of the 7 right here so that it can entice you to spend 3 minutes looking at Socrates memes, and 23 more fulfilling the true purpose of the internet on BuzzFeed:

BuzzFeed on Socrates #5

Screenshot from buzzfeed.com

Now that this piece has way more words than the piece it’s referencing… go check it out here


Cover image of Death of Socrates by wallyg at Flickr can be found here.

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  1. Yes, I read BuzzFeed sometimes, and, yes, it probably lowers my IQ by a factor of four.  And, yes, I no longer know what lowering by a factor of four actually means because I read too much BuzzFeed

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