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tjp-10k-fb-likesSo, this happened yesterday:1

That’s right, 10,000 fans of TJP on Facebook. Well, actually, as of posting this, 10,008. And if you’re keeping track: 3,813 Twitter followers and about 25,000 people a month (our best guess) reading something here at TJP.

Not gonna lie, this is really exciting for all of us here at TJP. We are very grateful for it, and most of all, for all of you, our readers.2 But as exciting as all those numbers are, that’s not why we’re writing TJP, and we suspect that’s not why you’re reading. We’re here because we saw a great opportunity to show how faith and contemporary culture build on each other and to have a lot of fun along the way.  You’ve given us a chance to discuss issues of ethics and justice with more than soundbites, and achieve something more than shouting in the comments; and a chance to discover a way into spirituality and religion that starts with what’s real rather than what we think God wants to hear.

WhyIReadTJP Infographic

And so, as we celebrate this milestone, we’d like to ask for your help – because as important as hitting 10K on Facebook might be, the reason it matters at all is because it makes it that much easier for new readers to discover TJP. More than 50% of our total traffic comes in via referral – via something you all share, like, tweet, or post. We try to write pieces that are worth sharing, and we rely on you to help your friends and followers discover the pieces that are worth their time.

So we’re asking you to help us celebrate this milestone by letting us know why you read TJP, and sharing some of your favorite pieces with your friends. See the graphic above for some suggestions on how to tag us so we can follow your suggestions. We’d like to use them to help us start to build a “best of” section for TJP.

If you need some help finding a piece you remember reading you can:

  • check out archives for: essays, blogs, or All Things Linked pieces

  • click here for the staff page, and then on any writer’s name for an archive of his pieces

  • use the search box (on the upper right of the page) to find something by keyword

We’ll be looking for and re-sharing links to your favorite pieces on our Facebook page, and following and retweeting links with the hashtag #WhyIReadTJP. Or of you’d prefer, send us an email at [email protected].

We’re pretty sure that there are at least another 10,000 TJP readers out there somewhere. Help us find them!

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  1. And yes, it didn’t escape our notice that this happened on the vigil of Pentecost.  Acts 2:41: “So those who welcomed his message were baptized, and that day about three thousand persons were added.” Coincidence?  We think not!
  2. When our social media editor checked Facebook yesterday he was like:Sally Field You like me

    Shout out to Mary is My Homegirl!  Love Ya!


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