Week in Review — October 15-21, 2012

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Yes, it’s making some of us feel old too, but this week, The Princess Bride turned 25, and TJP’s Quang Tran joined the 2.2 million other fans who’d “liked” the anniversary on Facebook. But we couldn’t just leave it there, because every time we hear “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya …” we think about a certain other Iñigo.

Iñigo vs Inigo

But even The Princess Bride can’t take up an entire week of posts — it would be inconceivable — so here’s what else happened at TJP this week:

  • We’re not always this churchy, but we’ve got two posts very much worth your time:
    • Sam Sawyer has video of a home-run-homily in Fenway Park (seriously, one of the best we’ve ever heard)
    • Exclusive to TJP, Jim McDermott has an interview with Bishop Greg O’Kelly, SJ, bishop of Port Pirie (in the Australian Outback) — a diocese with, as he says, more kangaroos than Christians. Just a sample:
      “In the Outback the Creator God does come, because there is that vastness of this land, the scope of the skies, the silence of the outback, the sense of a presence there that you don’t get in the bustling city, the sense that this land is sacred.  As John Paul II said on his 1986 visit, we have much to learn as Church from our aboriginal people in that regard.
      But the person who gets in the car next to me for the long drives is Jesus.”
  • Brendan Busse picks up the Mumford and Sons baton from Perry Petrich, and finds something even better that “socks and chocolate” in the album
  • On a different end of the music beat, Perry Petrich reassures us all that, even with the first-ever British #1 album on US charts, One Direction still isn’t bigger than the Beatles(whether or not they were “bigger than Jesus”).
    • And in his weekly You Can’t Take It With You, Perry bids goodbye, among others, to the Yankees this post-season and Lance Armstrong’s endorsement contracts
  • A recovering poetry hater, Tim O’Brien has learned not to beat a poem with hose to “torture a confession out of it” — and he recommends Mary Oliver’s new poetry collectionA Thousand Mornings
  • From Dar es Salaam, Michael Rossmann on spirituality from the window of his bedroom
  •  “It was going to be profound …”  and then: “Arson Jesus!” It’s easier if you just let Matt Spotts explain.

Here at TJP, even the phrase “Arson Jesus!” isn’t inconceivable. If you want to see what we come up with next week, we’ll see you back here, next Week in Review.

P.S. Please join us in congratulations, and gratitude to God, for the ordination of 11 of our Jesuit brothers to the transitional diaconate yesterday at the Mission Church of Santa Clara University — among them TJP’s editor-in-chief, Paddy Gilger, SJ. Santa Clara’s video of the Mass is up on their website.


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