Week(s) in Review — August 12 – September 2, 2012

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Are you following TJP on Facebook yet? If not, then you’ve missed out on our dive into the world of internet memes (see our full catalog here):

Yoda and St. Paul Meme

Even Jedi Masters need guidance sometimes …

This meme picked up on a reader’s comment about Quang Tran’s post connecting “Luke, I am your father” with a Hungarian anti-Semitic nationalist’s discovery of his own Jewish roots. On other fronts, Tim O’Brien’s on meme watch, wondering what it means that the worst art restoration ever can go viral on the internet.

As we get back to school, and back to a full-time posting schedule, we’re hoping to “go viral” too — though for better reasons than a Mr. Potato-Head restoration of Jesus. So here’s a rundown of the final weeks of the summer on TJP, and a challenge: pick a post below, and share it — click the Tweet or Facebook buttons on the top of the post, and let your friends know why they should check TJP out. And tag us when you do: @TheJesuitPost will find us, on Facebook and Twitter both.

On the faith-and-culture beat during an election year:

Glimpses from the frontiers of Jesuit life and ministry:

  • How many ways are there to look at a crack house? From his days as a grad student, to novitiate in Detroit, to his role teaching rhetoric, Jayme Stayer’s found at least thirteen.
  • TJP’s Michael Rossmann is back with his first essay from his new mission at the Jesuit high school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where his categories have been shattered (and he’s learned to eat ugali).
  • Traveling with rabbinical and medical students (and some other seminarians), Michael Rozier went to Auschwitz to consider what meaning could be made from such tragedy — and found joy.

Still finding God in All Things Linked:

Finding some meaning even in the difficult news:

And some spiritual insights with our bloggers:

Whether it’s a serious essay or a picture of Yoda, we’re glad you’re finding something worth coming back to TJP for — and we hope you’ll think its worth spreading the word, so that next week, there’ll be even more people seeing our Week in Review.


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