Week in Review — May 28 – June 4, 2012

by | Jun 4, 2012 | Week in Review

This week, Matt Spotts reminded us that most important kind of prayer is the one you actually pray — or what his spiritual director calls the spirituality of showing up. Something analogous applies, we suspect, both to posting on the web, and maybe even to reading on the web: the way you get good content is day-by-day, week-by-week, making sure first that there is content. And just like that, here’s another week from TJP.

Tim O’Brien made good on his promise not just to identify the noonday demon on the internet, but to offer some advice for resisting it.

With the help of some remarkably cute pictures of hand-grenades (seriously; go look at the post), Paul Lickteig argues for staying committed to conversation in the Church, and not assuming that the occasional conversational grenade means that we’re reduced to trench warfare.

Eric Sundrup found out that science validates his love of pop music. The rest of the TJP team would like to know if we can have a quiet word with science before it announces any more “discoveries” in Eric’s hearing. Actually, what Eric discovered is that whether NYSNC or Mozart is an occasion of consolation for you, the consolation itself is still very good for you.

We’ll buy that: after all, it’s the consolation that keeps us coming back — and that’s why we’re going to keep showing up, here at TJP. You’ll catch us as always, at the next Week in Review.



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