Week in Review — June 11-17, 2012

by | Jun 18, 2012 | Week in Review

This week, Joe Simmons makes good on his promised Part 2 of reflections on evil. (Joe, how do you know so much about evil? Oh, right: teaching high school.) By the way, Joe and TJP also got featured in Marquette’s alumni magazine — so hello to our new MU readers!

With a generously-sized article about “our big fat problem,” Michael Rozier points out that just because we’re uncomfortable with the intersection of personal and public responsibility (and more comfortable assigning blame than finding solutions) doesn’t turn assigning blame into a solution.

Sam Sawyer wonders if a pitch for crowdsourcing videos of the saints might be exactly on target.

By this point, we should probably be used to Brendan Busse giving us new images to pray with — but the reminder that love is way bigger than we thought seems to have struck home powerfully for a lot of us. What’s better than a YouTube cute-baby video? A baby video as an icon of the love of God.

Finally, a new type of All Things Linked post, linking something “worth reading” and then getting out of the way — in this case, on the right kind of doubt.

And we just want to go on record saying a big a thank you for all the prayers offered both for Paul and Jay (our recently ordained), and for our recently concluded TJP conference.  We are very grateful.

Until next week…


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