Week in Review — Feb. 6-12, 2012

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At the beginning of last week we did some redecorating while everyone was passed out on the couch after the Superbowl. Then Peter Folan told us that the Superbowl wasn’t just a rematch, but, in Ignatian terms, it was a repetition — a creative reception of the past. Hey, that’s what Week in Review does too… maybe that Ignatius guy was onto something.

So here’s to “creative reception” — and a rundown of last week:

  • “Either way, love demands a decision. There is no neutral.” That’s from Joe Hoover’s Occupy My Heart.  Your obviously good taste (hey, you’re reading the Week in Review, right?) demands that you go read it, or re-read it, now.
  • Continuing to stake out the final frontier between geekdom and spirituality:
  • Joe Simmons and Brendan Busse both find simplicity at the heart of things, in the Our Father and a fallen tree

And that’s about it from last week, unless I missed something.

…oh yeah, there was that one thing…

Okay, so one last thing: Fr. James Martin made his TJP debut, tipping us off to the five best pieces of Jesuit wisdom he’s ever heard (somewhere, a Dominican is asking what the other three pieces are). One of Fr. Martin’s directors once told him “There is Good news and there is the Better News.  The Good News is that there is a Messiah.  The Better News is that it’s not you!” We know he’s not the Messiah, but we think it’s pretty good news that he’s on Team TJP.

As always, more on the way this week — and the best yet to come.


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