500 Years Since a Cannonball Changed the World

  May 20, 2021  Current Events, Global Catholicism, Ignatian Year, The Jesuits ~ Approx 5 mins

Have you ever wondered how different your life might have been if certain things had been just slightly different? Sometimes it seems as though all the facts of my life happened with a certain inevitability – I was always going to be raised in this town, support this football team, enjoy this type of food, […]

Catholic 101: How are we saved?

  Feb 23, 2021  Catholic 101 ~ Approx 9 mins

“Have you been saved?” It is a question we might not like to be asked by a stranger, but it is a question worth pondering over. Have we been saved? What does it mean to be saved? And what does the Church teach about salvation? This addition to the Catholic 101 series provides some helpful insights on the Church’s teaching about salvation.